Thoughts From Pastor Gordon - 2020 – New Year, Time for a Fresh Start?

Thoughts From Pastor Gordon - 2020 – New Year, Time for a Fresh Start?

Many people make New Year’s resolution, did you think about one? Maybe you resolved to be more organized, or to do better self-care. Maybe you thought about many different thinks, but did you consider a fresh start for your spiritual life?

Maybe it is time for you to consider one or more of the following?

A different version of the Bible:

If you have been a Christian for some time, you probably know the Bible fairly well. There are verses you know by heart, and stories that are very familiar. Reading from a different version of the Bible can help bring new life to those passages. A translator's decision to use one word over another may give you some new insight you hadn't thought of before.
If you regularly read from a modern version like the Common English Bible, consider a more traditional translation like the New Revised Standard Version. If you gravitate toward the more traditional, try something more modern. Search the web for Bible reading sites and apps (there are many free ones) where you can access a new version of Scripture.

Experience a different devotional:

Devotionals are helpful aids to lead us in Scripture reading and prayer every day, but we can become stuck in a rut with them as well. If you have been using the same book or website for more than a year, you may benefit from trying something different this year. A new devotional resource, like an unfamiliar Bible translation, can bring new life to your time with God.

There are many devotional helps available online and in physical and digital books. The Upper Room from Discipleship Ministries is a very good source. Try something new.


Although no one likes to admit it, there are seasons when many of us can fall into patterns of negativity. Discouraged by the news, the theology of others, policies of our denomination, and practices of our congregation can become sources of stress and fodder for complaining.

Removing negativity from our lives and choosing instead to find things to celebrate just might lift our spirits and renew our passions that matters most. Let’s find where we can see the love of Jesus in the world and celebrate it.

The year 2020 could be one of new experiences in our church and in our spiritual life. Let’s make room in days ahead for the Holy Spirit to do a new work in us and see what happens.

Happy New Year to each of you,

Pastor Gordon