An Update From your Pastor's Desk - 06.05.2020

An Update From your Pastor's Desk - 06.05.2020

Hello there,

Greetings to you and your family. We hope that you are staying well and healthy. This email update includes important information of what's going on at Oberlin UMC. If you have any questions please feel free to contract us.


“Hospitality is always in season.

Acts of generosity and hospitality can never be underestimated for their potential to provide strength and encouragement to others, especially when needed most. When we anticipate and then act to meet others’ needs and concerns, no matter how menial, we affirm our commitment to several truths: It is better to give than to receive; we are our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper; and we more fully understand that “their destiny is tied up with our destiny,” as Martin Luther King Jr. stated.

Where would our communities be if more people fully embraced this understanding of mutual destiny and hospitality toward others?

We should all dedicate our lives to acts of radical generosity and hospitality. And we pray that these acts outlive us to encourage and support generations yet unborn.”*

What acts of hospitality ministry might Oberlin United Methodist Church be known for?  What can each of us do to further hospitality in Oberlin and throughout the world?  Remember, John Wesley is quoted “the world is my parish”.

Each of us probably thinks we lack hospitality skills, and that we really never over do it in the area of hospitality.

*Excerpt from: Freestyle: Reflections on Faith,

Family, Justice, and Pop Culture by Michael W. Waters.

Copyright © 2014 by Upper Room Books.

Updates relative to “in-person” worship:

Staff Pastor-Parish Relations met on Thursday, June 4 and we have determined that we will begin worship “in person” on Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 10:45 AM at the City Park.  If possible, bring your own lawn or folding chair.  We ask that persons attending “in person” worship maintain 6’ social distancing at this and future worship services.  If you do not feel well, or should you feel unsafe in gatherings, we encourage you to stay at home.  The worship service will be recorded and uploaded for you to watch at a later time.  The service cannot be streamed until later on Sunday, June 14.  Should you have questions, please call the church office, 785.475.3067.

Sunday Morning Worship Bulletin

Those who wish to have a printed bulletin, please check your email and/or the church website.  Bulletins will normally be available by Friday afternoon for Sunday morning worship.


Pastor Gordon