Thoughts from Pastor Gordon - Christmas Thoughts

Thoughts from Pastor Gordon - Christmas Thoughts

Wearied by travel across a barren and harsh landscape, the Holy family sought refuge in an inn at Bethlehem. Is it possible that you could imagine Mary and Joseph’s disappointment when the innkeeper informed them that there weren’t any vacancies? A gracious innkeeper offered the couple a stable located at the back of the inn. In that stable was the manger which provided warmth and shelter for the baby Jesus.

An ordinary act of simple hospitality lies at the heart of the birth of Jesus Christ!
Before the world could know the graciousness of God, born to serve, to die and to
rise, Mary, Joseph, and our Lord would know an ordinary act of hospitality by the
innkeeper. Hospitality is a sure sign of Christmas!

The travels of many people through life may have left them weary. Some may flock
to churches this time of year yearning to hear “Good News”. Some might be familiar with the Christmas story. It may draw them back because they still hear the voice of the “Good Shepherd”. Yet others may know little about the story and may be drawn through curiosity, is there “really” something to all of this?

As God’s Church, we are called to offer hospitality. We say, take heart for, “today in
the City of David a Savior has been born to you, He is Christ the Lord”. Luke 2:11-12 He is the One who gives rest to the wearied, grace to the sinner, hope to the desperate, joy to the despondent, and light and life to all who believe!

Like the Innkeeper’s gesture, our ordinary acts of hospitality, can become an
extraordinary means of grace to those seeking refuge. Your prayerful and generous
hospitality help make the impossible possible reality! May the innkeeper's hospitality be your guide this Christmas and always!

Merry Christmas to each of you,
Pastor Gordon and Your Parsonage Family