“Radical hospitality” requires intentional invitation and welcome. It goes beyond greeters at the door and handshakes during worship to welcome every person as an honored guest.

Certainly, being a “friendly” church is good. But being in ministry in a confused and hurting world calls for “radical hospitality,” which breathes our core value: people are important to God and to this church. We already have the building blocks.

We are a congregation with Christian hearts and a Wesleyan spirit. It’s our turn to be radical!

Quick tips to encourage a more welcoming lifestyle:

  • Encourage the Rule of Three. Talk only to persons you don’t know (or don’t know well) for the first three minutes after worship ends. This is when people without connection may choose to leave.
  • Learn what strangers to the church say about your welcoming practices.
  • Take radical hospitality to the streets. Let people know who you are and what you value. Let’s create a buzz about our church.
  • Encourage your friends, relatives and those you meet to “Like Us on Face Book.
  • Personally invite friends to attend worship with you.  Or, better yet, ask them if you can pick them up and bring them with you to worship.
  • Volunteer to be a greeter, usher or scripture reader.  Ask what YOU can do to help with worship.
  • Invite and encourage others to sing with our Praise Team.

Remember, together we are better and, in the words of Bob the Builder, “we can do this, YES, WE CAN!”

Pastor Gordon