Thoughts From Pastor Gordon - July 2019

Thoughts From Pastor Gordon - July 2019

As I think back to July 1, 2015, your participation in community and welcoming the parsonage family, we are so thankful for so many things:

  • Your welcoming attitude of each of you. A major change came when we began loading belongings from Sherman County and the move to Oberlin. Each of you went out of your way to help us become your parsonage family and community members.
  • Your willingness to allow a new family that you did not know to become a first-time pastor. While I still have a lot of learning to do, you welcomed us with open arms.
  • Your acceptance of new processes, new ideas and the willingness to try new things, mean so much. The congregation, the community and the parsonage family have all grown because of your love and acceptance.

As we remember the projects undertaken, let each of us remember what has been accomplished:

2018 and 2019:

  • Dorcas Circle served a meal at the Oberlin Farmer’s Market.
  • Carpeting cleaned in downstairs dining room at the church.
  • Confirmation classes held and reception of new members through confirmation, baptism, transfers of membership and professions of faith.
  • LED lighting in the sanctuary which provides better lighting for services. The board of trustees have replaced most of the incandescent lighting at the church and will continue this practice to reduce energy consumption.
  • New siding and a new garage door on the garage at the church.
  • 6K for Water.
  • New insulated garage doors on the south garage at the parsonage have been installed.
  • A Community Easter Cantata was presented under the direction of Susan Nelson and accompanied by Jenny Tally.
  • Many funeral dinners were served to families; thank you UMW and volunteers.
  • Oberlin UMC continues to volunteer at the Sunflower Theatre.
  • Faith-Weaver-Friends, after school ministry.
  • United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF).
  • United Methodist Women (UMW) and Dorcas Circle.
  • Monthly worship at Good Samaritan Center – Decatur County.
  • Weekly Devotions at Good Samaritan Center – Decatur County.
  • First Responder Meal at City Park.
  • Community prayer shawl ministry.
  • Kleenex ministry for Unified School District 294.
  • Special worship services (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Christmas Eve Candle Light Communion.
  • Special Bible Studies (Lent and Advent).
  • Bible Study: Wednesday morning Women’s Bible Study; Wednesday evening Women’s Bible Study; Men’s Bible Study and Disciple Bible Study.
  • Music Ministry through Oberlin United Methodist Church Praise Team.
  • Participation in Decatur County Ministerial Association through collection for the food pantry, emergency fund assistance, chili cook-off, baccalaureate and other ministries of DCMA.
  • Launch a new interactive website for the church:
  • New roofs on all church properties (the parsonage, the garage at the church, and the church and educational buildings. Although these replacements were due to hail damage, they are now new, and we look forward to many years of service from them. Window screens were replaced at the parsonage, again because of hail damage.
  • Sewer issues at church provided for removal of trees at the church and a new sewer line was installed.
  • Hosted Network Group Church Conference (Atwood, Clayton, Colby, Jennings, McGraw, Norcatur and Selden).
  • New computers were purchased for secretary, financial secretary, treasurer, and audio-visual needs.
  • Upgrades to parsonage: installation of a ceiling fan in the living room at the parsonage; escape window in basement; attic insulation; new insulated doors and screen doors; insulated garage doors; trees planted; new carpeting in upstairs bedrooms.
  • Installed opener for outside elevator entrance at church.
  • Host church for Community Vacation Bible School – July 2018.
  • New refrigerator and upright freezer installed in basement kitchen at the church.

In addition to the above-listings, there were many, many other ministries and updates that either were started prior.

These ministries and projects are not possible without your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service and your witness. We look forward to ministry with you again this year as we have been re- appointed to Oberlin beginning July 1, 2019. Thanks for all you do and your ministries in Decatur County. We continue to be blessed by each of you as ministers of Christ.

Thank you so very much,

Pastor Gordon, Caroline and Chandler