An Update from your Pastor's Desk 04.16.2020

An Update from your Pastor's Desk 04.16.2020

Greetings to you and your family. We hope you and your family are staying well and healthy during this time. We are writing to give you an update from Pastor Gordon's desk. This email is not to replace our monthly newsletter - The News and Views. This email is to quickly give updates to what is happening at Oberlin UMC.

The Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee has been meeting weekly.  In person worship has been suspended for some time now, and a streamed worship service has been available for your viewing via:, Facebook, and YouTube.  In addition, we have DVD’s available for those who do not have computer or digital equipment available.  Please let a staff-pastor parish relations committee or Pastor Gordon know if someone needs to have a DVD copy to view our worship services.

Please remember to check our website: and share information with your friends and neighbors.

Sunday Morning Worship Bulletin

Those who wish to have a printed bulletin, please check your email and/or the church website.  Bulletins will normally be available by Friday afternoon for Sunday morning worship.


The ministries of Oberlin United Methodist Church are still happening but in different ways.  Meetings and worship are still happening.  The prayer chain is still praying for the needs of our membership, community and world.  Although the office is not open Monday-Friday, our email is still working, telephone calls can be received, and your pastor is still making contact with members and constituents.  Your financial gifts and tithes are still needed to continue our ministry in Oberlin and beyond.  John Wesley is quoted as saying, “the world is my parish”.  This is just as true today as it was in 1738.  The streamed worship service has been viewed throughout the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and even California.  You may mail your tithes/gifts to Oberlin United Methodist Church, 102 N Cass, Oberlin, KS 67749, or you may place your gift in an envelope and drop it in the mail receptacle at the south entrance.  Thank you for your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.


The Oberlin United Methodist Women assisted the Decatur County Health Systems by providing 20 cotton homemade masks for personnel who do not have direct contact with patients.  Hospital Administrator, Kris Mathews, contacted the group sharing the need for masks that can be washed and thoroughly cleaned for reuse by the same individuals that are not in direct contact with patients but work at the hospital and clinic. His hope is that, everyone in the community will start to wear mask out in public during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading in our area.  United Methodist Women are thankful for the opportunity to share in helping our community.

Oberlin UMW invites all readers, young, younger, and youngest, to participate in the reading program.  There are books for all readers to enjoy and participate.  If you are a reader, please let a UMW member know that you have an interest in their reading program.

Dorcas Circle met on Monday, April 6, 2020 via ZOOM with eight members present.  Everyone was grateful to see each other and for the conversation that ensued.  Betsy Haag said this was a good way to gather together to have a meeting and chat, despite the current stay-at-home situation.


Simplicity is a means for learning to live in the present moment. Simplicity creates and sustains an inward disposition that de-quantifies a definition of life where “more is better” is alleged to be the truth, when it is not true. Simplicity enables us to recognize and celebrate what the saints call ordinary holiness.

Theologically, simplicity is the preference for regular moments, learning to be content with them rather than being obsessed with thinking about only “big things” and “spectacular moments” matter. Simplicity enables us to see that life is largely made up of little things and routine activities. It conditions us to find purpose and joy in them.

Practically speaking, simplicity means we do fewer things in a given period of time. But that very reduction opens the space to go deeper into our lives, paying attention to what we are actually thinking or doing rather than being preoccupied with the past or the future.

Simplification in the present moment is about relaxing in the moment, putting the past and the future in their places so that what’s going on here and now has a better chance of getting through.

Steve Harper

Reprinted from Ministry Matters, September 25, 2019 Publication

(Steve Harper taught spiritual formation and Wesley studies to Christian divinity students for more than thirty years. He is a native of Texas, graduating in 1966 from Haskell High School and McMurry University in Abilene in 1970. He received his MDiv from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1973, and the PhD in Wesley studies from Duke University in 1981.)

God bless,

Pastor Gordon